Gardening by Month: September


Lovely, September. The day you reap a bountiful harvest, brought on by diligent watering and hot, hot sun, you find powdery mildew creeping across the garden—brought on by watering and hot sun! Keep busy cropping if you have a veggie patch. Get your flowering and fruiting vines in the ground early. They appreciate easing into winter.


– September To-do's –

  • Plant out fall vegetable starts
  • Place and plant spring-flowering bulbs
  • Apply fall fertilizers
  • Restore or install lawns
  • Control slugs to minimize loss
  • Monitor and eradicate hornets and wasps
  • Plant fall color – including winter pansies, mums, decorative cabbage and kale
  • Dig, divide and replant dahlias and peonies
  • Place and plant trees and shrubs
  • Begin putting roses to bed. Stop fertilizing and reduce pruning


September Reading