Gardening by Month: November


Now's about the time hungry birds flit in and out of the garden, hoping you've thought ahead and planted a few bird-seed flowers. See, flowers are often dead-headed to bring on more blooms but if you leave the final bloom to go to seed, you can feed hungry critters long into winter.


– November To-do's –

  • Stop deadheading to allow flowers go to seed for bird feed
  • Turn over beds and enrich soil with layers of organic material
  • Clean and store tender bulbs and corms
  • Clear garden of refuse and dead material
  • Remove fallen leaves from beds
  • Winterize patio containers and baskets
  • Frost control for semi-hardy plants
  • Continue to plant spring-blooming bulbs until ground freezes
  • Prune blackberry and raspberry canes
  • Start forced bulbs, such as amaryllis or paper whites


November Reading