Gardening by Month: June


Everything is bursting into bloom—including weeds. In flowerbeds, pull young weeds by hand, followed by a thick application of mulch to slow the next generation. In lawns, pull weeds now, while the ground is wet, or risk skinned knuckles as you scrape dandelion taproots out of sun-parched earth later.


– June To-do's –

  • Plant annuals from pony packs or seed
  • Spot control weeds in lawns
  • Fertilize blooming annuals and perennials for continued blooms
  • Water newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Apply gypsum to lawns with clayey soils
  • Mole control: traps or chemicals
  • Add mulch to garden beds to increase water retention and prevent weeds
  • Monitor for insect damage and disease problems
  • Identify beneficial insects. Protect from reducing populations during control of damaging insects
  • Deadhead early blooming shrubs and perennials


June Reading