Gardening by Month: July


Welcome to the month of upkeep, where keeping up is the name of the game. Lift leaves and peer into flowers for pests and diseases. Treat problems ASAP. Many issues can be avoided with smart watering; water in early morning or evening, never splash the foliage, use drip or soaker systems. Rethink your lawn and try xeriscaping with drought-tolerant plants.


– July To-do's –

  • Monitor vegetables and flowers for pests
  • Keep cool-season vegetables picked to delay bolting
  • Maintain regular irrigation for newly planted flowers, shrubs and trees
  • Seed fall-harvested vegetables such as cabbage and kale
  • Seed fall-flowering annuals, such as pansies and asters
  • Fertilize planters and hanging baskets
  • Trim back herbs to prevent flowering and encourage bushiness
  • Protect fruits and berries from birds and squirrels; install netting
  • Reduce stress on lawns by deep watering and mowing to 2-in. high
  • Consider low-water plants and xeriscaping


July Reading