Gardening by Month: January


With a warm heart and warmer workwear, head into the garden with clippers in hand. Many larger perennials need pruning in late winter; others may be damaged by weather. Tidy as best you can. See the land's barrenness as a blank canvas to help you plan spring plantings and any major landscape changes or installations.


- January To-do's -

  • Prune dormant shrubs and perennials
  • Transplant and move evergreens
  • Watch for potential snow damage on trees
  • Plan out spring vegetable garden
  • Consider crop rotation and layout
  • Order seeds & summer-blooming bulbs
  • Assess roof for moss control
  • Monitor for moss in lawns
  • Prune or shape Japanese maples
  • Maintain, clean and sharpen pruners, saws and loppers


January Reading