Gardening by Month: August


Hello, heat! It must be August. Time slows a little for longer days in sun-soaked gardens. Plants love the extra light, but are less tolerant of the drier soil, so water in the early morning when the soil is more absorbent. Gardening is believing in the future—which means it’s time to think about fall. It’ll be here before you know it.


– August To-do's –

  • Watch for blossom end rot on tomatoes, zucchinis and others
  • Continue picking cool-season vegetables to delay bolting
  • Plant fall vegetable / starts
  • Plant fall blooming perennials
  • Last fertilizer application for roses
  • Monitor for wasp / hornet nests
  • Flee control indoor / outdoor
  • Monitor for powdery mildew on cucumber and melons
  • Sheer back struggling annuals mid-month, this may encourage new growth and a flush of Fall color
  • Ease watering your lawn during the hottest days


August Reading