Get to Know Weed Killers

Killing weeds is a dirty business. Their deep-seated resilience calls to mind a comic-book villain who refuses to die and returns time and again to frustrate our hero.

Never fear that you are defenseless, but you don't have an ally in our soil. Sour soil, with its low pH, blocks plants from absorbing certain nutrients; add to that the constant wetness and a fair share of shade and you've got a patchy, weak lawn fighting to survive and unable to do battle with encroaching weeds. Weeds in the garden bed are a whole other matter entirely.


Let's put this fairy tale to rest and get to know the top weed-fighting agents at McLendon's. From manual to granule and organic in-between, these killers will have you saying, Zap! Pow! Bye! to dastardly weeds one last time.

weed killers


hori hori


Hori Hori
Cute name; serious digging knife. The solid steel blade extends into the wood handle making a sturdy lever for applying pressure to buried rocks and deeply rooted weeds. The serrated side of the blade makes quick work of tangled vines and underground roots. It's a saw-machete-shovel in one.

gama hoe


Nejiri gama hoe
The sharp blade and classic hoe shape make easy work of digging weed seedlings out of the dirt without harming shallow-rooted flowers and plants. The handle extends your reach to the back of garden beds and around slender trunks.

grampa weeder


Grampa's Weeder
Save yourself the headache, and backache, of deeply rooted weeds. Grampa’s Weeder puts muscle where the weed is. Sturdy construction and a tight grip mean you don’t have to bend down all day long, and weeds have nowhere to run.


pennington lawn weed


Pennington Lawn Weed Killer
Use this granular weed killer once temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees. Like any weed killer with 2,4-D (the most commonly used broad-leaved weed-killing chemical), it will take weeks to take effect if the temperatures are too low in early spring.

preen weed control


Preen Weed Control
Preen wants you to apply this granular weed killer on young, actively growing weeds. The ground must also be wet before and after application. Use this in spring when it's rainy and weeds are still young. It'll keep new seeds from germinating and vanquish the younglings.

scotts weed and feed


Scotts Weed & Feed
Scott’s Weed and Feed is a one-two punch for healthy, weed-free lawns. The granules kill dandelions and clover while providing fertilizer for a stronger, thicker lawn. Thicker lawns will have deeper root systems, making them less vulnerable to drying out in a drought.


ortho weed b gone


Ortho Weed B Gon
Ortho’s ready-to-use Weed B Gon with Crabgrass Control takes no mixing or pumping. Use the built-in, battery powered spray system for easy, even distribution. It also contains 2,4-D so use it as a spot treatment. It’s way better for the environment to spot treat instead of blanket spray.

bayer weed killer


Bayer Advanced Weed & Crabgrass Killer
Bayer's all-in-one concentrate takes weed killing to the next level. A healthy dose of 2,4-D from this sucker will kill stubborn crab grass and take out taproot weeds. It's formulated for cool weather use and is rainproof within an hour.

whitney farms weed killer


Whitney Farms Lawn Weed Killer
Iron is the active ingredient for weed killing in this 2,4-D-free lawn weed killer. Whitney Farm’s water-based ready-to-use formula has no odor and kills within hours. Still, don’t use around storm drains and be mindful of runoff. Killing chemicals of all sorts can hard fish and wildlife.