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At McLendon Hardware, our goal is to be your lawn and garden destination. We'll supply you with everything you need to get your garden growing and keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. Our inventory in terms of quality and selection is second to none. And our knowledgeable and friendly experts will help you with product questions as well as the lawn and garden hints and tips you'll need to ensure growing success.

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Scotts products include lawn foods, fungus control, moss control,  spreaders, soil, mulch and grass seeds.      Lilly Miller's products include moss control, dormants, baits, lawn fertilizers, specialty garden fertilizers, garden solutions, rose care and other lawn and garden products.    Ortho is a lawn and garden protector manufacturer.  Its products include weed killers and pest and bug control for the indoors and outdoors.  
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 Bayer Advanced has a variety of lawn, garden and home protectors against pests, insects and weeds. Whitney Farms is an organic potting and container soil provider.   Preen provides weed killers, weed preventers, grass and lawn weed killers as well as control and prevention products for lawn and garden.  

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 Miracle-Gro is a lawn and garden care and protection brand.  Its products include plant food, hose feeders, soils, organics and garden weed control. Organic Innovation industry leader whose products include blended organic fertilizers, organic soils, organic insecticides, lawn food, fertilizers and compost starters. Ames provides all kinds of lawn and garden tools such as hand tools, hose reels, water hoses, wheelbarrows and carts.
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 Black Gold product line has everything that is needed for successful gardening such as amendments, organic products, potting soils, fertilizers and decorative products. Corona has a broad list of tools for gardening and harvesting tools.  These include long handle tools, striking, utility, pruning tools and wheelbarrows.   Gilmour provides many kinds of watering products, garden hoses, tank sprayers and pruning tools.
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 NuLife products provides many kinds of organic soils such as planting and potting soils as well as moisture controls and nursery mixes.

For more than 60 years homeowners have trusted Melnor products to help them beautify their lawns and grow their gardens.  Innovative engineering and an eye toward current and future watering needs has allowed Melnor to remain a leader in the field.  Melnor is committed to delivering the highest quality, most innovative watering products available. 

 Felco provides swiss made tools which include pruning shears and saws, picking and trimming snips, grafting and pruning knives and cable cutters.